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PVC Patch Production

PVC patch production has been carried out through different methods from the past to the present. In the past, it was done using manual techniques. Now, with new technology, automated systems are used, allowing for more standardized production methods. This enables end-to-end tracking of all points, aiming to produce the highest quality products.

The pvc patch production process is similar to silicone label manufacturing and goes through the following stages:

  1. Design
  2. Mold
  3. Color
  4. Sample Work
  5. Mass Production

Design is the most crucial step in this process as it determines aspects like color, size, and sewing areas. After the design phase, the production process continues with mold, color, and sample production.

Once these steps are completed without any issues or changes, mass production begins.

The raw materials used for rubber label manufacturing are essential. It is particularly important that they do not contain harmful substances and pass relevant ecological tests.

As ATAK LABEL, our raw materials do not contain carcinogenic substances and phthalates. They have undergone testing.

All our raw materials are recyclable and reusable. This way, we strive to fulfill our responsibility towards the environment.

PVC patches are used not only in the textile industry but also in the promotion, furniture, and healthcare sectors.


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